Enacting Ecological Aesthetics

/ Research Update

Full-scale prototypical interventions with more-than-human interconnectedness.

Andrew Pickering and Dulmini Perera in conversation

We will install responsive wood insect hotels or other species habitats. The hotel uses wood’s material properties for generating different climatic chambers, which supports the preferences of diverse species, and thus supports biodiversity. The hotel is equipped with a pollinators‘ garden for the pollinators in the insect hotel. Such installation will host several environmental sensors, such as a moisture meter, humidity meter, temperature meter, etc.

Such data will serve for climate monitoring of pollination activity and the wellbeing of the plants. The prototype will be marked with QR codes leading to Spot-A-Bee citizen science application for monitoring the bees and using the images for future image recognition and similar structures‘ DIY recipes for public engagement. The details of the prototypes will be codesigned on the collective meetings through gigamapping amongst the team.

Participants:  Marie Davidova, Claudia Valverde, Hanane Behnam

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