Enacting Ecological Aesthetics

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BioDiveIn: Leveraging the ecosystem through social and environmental system

Marie Davidová, Maria Claudia Valverde Rojas, and Hanane Behnam

BioDiveIn is one of several interventions developed by collaborative efforts. These are testing the transition towards Post-Anthropocene and ecological aesthetics. The intervention offers multiple species habitats, edible landscapes and water pools for bats, swifts, small-sized birds, squirrels, insects and plants. The intervention (touch point) is also equipped with two QR codes—one leading to DIY recipes to multiply the installation and one to spot-a-bee application for joining the citizen science on pollinators. The intervention was codesigned through gigamapping and full-scale prototyping through an experimental systems oriented design studio course with students, invited experts and other stakeholders. It resulted in DIY events and a launch with a gardening party to accommodate the plants in the prototype.

Originally published at RSD12

Davidová, M., Rojas Valverde, M. C., & Behnam, H. (2023). BioDiveIn : Leveraging the
ecosystem through social and environmental systems Presentation introduction. In C.
May & E. Barba (Eds.), Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD12) 2023
Symposium (pp. 1–17). Systemic Design Association.