Enacting Ecological Aesthetics

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The Double Bind of Design: An introduction to Gregory Bateson

Jon Goodbun, Dulmini Perera, Simon Sadler, Ben Sweeting, Joanna Boehnert, Marie Davidova, Claudia Valverde, Hanane Benham, Stefanie Huthöfer
We are happy to extend an public invitation to join the full research team of the AHRC-DFG funded ‚Enacting Gregory Bateson’s Ecological Aesthetics in Architecture and Design‘ research project in an introduction to the thinking of the ecological anthropologist Gregory Bateson, and a presentation of one of the key research themes of their work in this two year project: The Double Bind of Design.
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Venue: LT1, Royal College of Art, Kensington Campus, Kensington Gore, London

Date: Wednesday, 8th November 2023, 6pm

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